Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Salon

Reality is starting to creep into my thoughts as I begin to plan for the week at school. It has been great to have four days off!  No matter how many days off I get, though, and how much I like my job, I could still always use more time off to get stuff at home done.

Thanksgiving was nice and fairly quiet with my parents and my husband's parents as our only guests.  There was too much food and we still have a lot of leftovers.  Yesterday my siblings and their families and my family got together at my parents' house.  Again, more food.  I don't feel like I overate at any of the official Thanksgiving meals, but I did overeat before and after with all my snacking.

I love the Pioneer Woman's olive bread and made that for our dinner yesterday. What I probably like even more than the olive bread is the olive mixture on crackers as a dip.  What a great salty treat- and so not healthy.  Going back to work and getting into a routine and better eating will be good for me.

Usually I take my girls shopping on Black Friday - more to look than to buy.  This year we did hit Target and Hobby Lobby, but my sister-in-law and I managed to shop on Thursday night, hitting Target at is opened at 9 PM.  I've never done that before, but even though it was crowded I was happy with the items I was able to buy and the fact that I didn't have to try and find another time to shop sans children.

Other weekend highlights:
going to the dollar theater to see Wreck it Ralph with my brother's family
getting a lot of cleaning/laundry/decorating for Christmas checked off
reading several books that I am excited to review

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