Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cold Snap

I so wish that the temps in the mid-50s we have been having would stick around.  No such luck, of course, as winter-like weather is getting closer to reality. 
Eileen Spinelli's new book, Cold Snap was a great read-perfect for the type of weather we will be seeing soon. The illustrations are colorful and I loved reading about the residents of the small town of Toby Mills.  Although the temperature is getting lower, the coldness is more easily measured by looking at the growing icicle hanging from the nose of the statue of General Toby that stands in the town.
I love Eileen Spinelli's work, and have read many of her books to my children.  One of their favorites is Heat Wave. During our read aloud I mentioned to the girls that Cold Snap reminded me very much of another story we enjoyed.  Proud librarian-mom moment when my middle daughter chimed in instantly that Heat Wave and Cold Snap were very similar and written by the same person.
I'm trying to find a way for my students to read and compare both books as well as the weather in one short library lesson.  Cold Snap is going on my next library order as well as being added to my personal collection. 

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Trudy Esperanza said...

that heat wave cartoon is just great when i showed it to my husband and daughetr they started laughing too nice one. hehe