Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Salon

Last night I had the unexpected pleasure of having an evening entirely to myself. My husband and a friend of his had been planning a camping trip with kids for a while.  Our friend has a four year old who had never camped out before.  Our girls love to sleep out in our tent- mostly in our front yard.  So the two guys took the girls and set up tents in our friend's back yard.  So what did I do all by my lonesome?
I read. I didn't turn the television on at all.  It was quiet in my house. Very quiet.  I had checked out movies for myself to watch, but I'm not much of a TV person. 
Now I am midway through The Orchardist and enjoying it. The girls and husband are home.  Soon I will take the girls to Hansel and Gretel, a play they will be attending with my mom and their cousins.  I am planning on picking up the rest of our groceries and supplies for their family birthday party next Saturday.
I can't believe tomorrow is October already!  I have been back at school for two months already.  Time is flying by.  Midway through the month we have parent/teacher conferences.  Middle Sister's birthday is coming up.  I have started thinking about Christmas presents.
Fall weather appears to be on the way, but I have enjoyed the sunny, warm weather yesterday and today. With any luck I can find my way to a lawn chair outside with a book in hand.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Anxious to read The Orchardist myself. enjoy