Thursday, September 13, 2012

Off The Grid

I have a few friends who read mysteries almost exclusively. I admit they are usually fast moving and I do like suspense from time to time but it isn't the first type of book I gravitate toward. 
However, I do have a few series that I have become attached to.  PJ Tracy's books are some of my favorites.  Written by a mother/daugher author team, I love that these books are set in Minnesota, a locale with which I am familiar.
Monkeewrench, the first book in this series, introduces a group of brilliant computer geeks and two detectives.  Now, six books into the series, the Monkeewrench gang is still going strong.  Grace MacBride is spending some quiet time on a boat off of the Florida coast, trying to get rid of the demons that have long been a part of her life.  Just as she should be relaxing with a retired FBI agent, an assassination attempt sends her adrenaline racing and into danger once again.  In seemingly unrelated events, Somalis are found murdered - and later it is discovered that these Somalis had committed or were planning to commit acts of terrorism. 
There are a lot of tangled webs in this book and I couldn't begin to connect all the dots until I had read until the end.  With any luck PJ Tracy are already at work on the next book in this series that I am still enjoying.

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Kay said...

I'm still enjoying the Monkeewrench books too. This one was a good one and I actually liked it better than the last. If nothing else, the idea of Grace in sandals was surprising to say the least. :-)