Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Girl Is Trouble

Rarely do I get to read two books in a series in quick succession.  I lucked out with Kathryn Miller Haines young adult mystery series set during World War II.  I loved her first book, The Girl is Murder, and was excited to discover that a second book had been published as well.
The Girl is Trouble picks up right where the first book left off.  Iris's father has let her start helping him with his private investigation business.  They are still dealing with the death of Iris' mother, only now, when Iris decides she wants to know a bit more about what caused her mother to take her own life, she is finding things don't add up.  Iris isn't sure how much her father knows, but she is determined to find the truth and why her mother chose to leave her family.
In addition, there is a group of Jewish students at high school who have been targeted by someone expressing anti-Jewish sentiments. Although Iris is Jewish, she and her father are non-practicing.The treatment of Jews in the United States certainly brings to light just a small taste of what is happening to Jews in Europe.  Because Pearl, Iris' best friend, is affected by this, Iris also becomes involved in the mystery of who is targeting this population.
Haines successfully weaves together these storylines.  With this second installment in the series, I feel like I am getting to know Iris a little better, and am appreciating the World War II setting that Haines has created.

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