Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How I Came to Sparkle Again

Kaya McLaren's novel How I Came to Sparkle Again has the perfect setting of Sparkle, Colorado, a ski town.  In this small town, three people are drawn together, each facing some heartache and the desire to go on.
Jill is at the center of this novel. After finding her husband in bed with another woman, she quickly leaves  and goes back to the one place that feels like home - Sparkle, Colorado.  Reeling from her husband's infidelity and the death of her premature baby, Jill is trying to make a fresh start. 
Her best friend, Lisa, quickly opens her home to Jill and the two support each other.  Lisa has struggled with relationships for a long time, often choosing physical pleasure over a lasting commitment.
As Jill struggles to begin life anew, she is hired to babysit ten year old Cassie whose mother died just recently.  Cassie's father needs someone to be home when he is at work, so this situation works well for Jill - except for the fact that Cassie is not receptive to Jill at all at first.
I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this novel when I first started reading - the plotline of the wife who has been cheated on has been done before, but I loved the setting and I loved the characters.  I loved the romance that McLaren includes and I could feel myself racing ahead to see how things end up for Lisa and Jill especially.
This will be a perfect winter read, due out in October just in time for cozy reading in front of a fire.

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