Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Salon

Another hot and steamy week! I love the heat and summer weather, but even I didn't leave my house on Friday.  This has resulted in a few more books getting read, which is not a bad thing!
This coming week looks rather busy.  My mom and I are taking my girls to see Abraham Lincoln's Library and tomb and whatever other Lincoln stuff there might be in Springfield, Illinois.  Since the drive is a little more than five hours, we are also staying overnight.
Tomorrow I am picking up two students to spend the day at my house.  Each year we are encouraged to do home visits. This spring I visited them at their home. Their mom does not speak English, although I think she can understand some of what I am saying, so the fourth grade daughter has been the translator. The kids are very bright and the mom is a good mom, but they lack a safe place to go outside to play and any financial security. Last week I took them swimming with my kids since their mom is working all day. Their days in daycare consist of them sitting inside a house watching TV all day.  My middle daughter especially bonded with the fourth grade girl, so they were both begging to get together again.  We have sno-cone making on the agenda tomorrow, perhaps a little swimming, a visit to my parents farm, and who knows what else they will come up with.
Today I must go and buy crickets to feed to my daughter's toad we bought last week. This pet of hers has quickly become my responsibility, leading me to question what I was thinking when I agreed to get it.
Despite the beautiful summer weather, we are praying for rain here in northeast Iowa. The crops are looking tough, but there is no rain on the seven day forecast anywhere.
Later today I plan on hanging out and getting a bit more reading done. I'm working on Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. I am really enjoying it so far, but it is also making me question what books I have read that have protagonists that are a bit younger and are Hispanic. I can think of some Hispanic female protagonists but not males.
How about you? What's up for your week?

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