Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer of the Gypsy Moths

We just arrived back from our week-long Florida vacation today.  Our flight left at 7:10 Florida time which is an hour earlier in Iowa.  Since the airport was an hour away from the house we stayed in, we were up even before the crack of dawn - at 3:00 AM.  Since it is almost 10 PM now, I am nearly ready to call it a day. 
One of the books I read prior to leaving on the trip was Sara Pennypacker's Summer of the Gypsy Moths.  I had been anticipating this one, and absolutely love the cover.  However by the time it made its way to the top of my stack I had read a few reviews about it, one of which commented that it was hard to figure out what audience this book was intended for. 
Stella is living with her great-aunt Louise in a house on Cape Cod because her mother is unreliable.  Although Louise does a good job taking care of her, Stella would rather be with her mom, especially since Louise takes in Angel, a foster child.
SPOILER ALERT - When Louise dies unexpectedly, I wasn't sure where this story was going to go. I never anticipated that these two girls would bury Louise themselves and continue to take care of the rental cottages that were normally in her care, in order to avoid being taken into foster care.  END OF SPOILER
As a parent of a ten year old, a child in the target audience of this novel, I am curious what her reaction to the story would be.  While I was horrified by this, I doubt she would be. 
I loved the setting of this story, and even Stella and Angel's resourcefulness.  Despite the serious events that occur, I still felt this book was a fun read and included a little suspense as I devoured this book in one sitting, trying to determine when Stella and Angel's secret would come to light.

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Peaceful Reader said...

Seriously. You just got home from vacation. You are in the middle of a final project. And YOU still had time to share a blog post about your latest read and one about your vacation while you were on vacation??
You are indeed SuperWoman!