Friday, May 4, 2012

Rush for the Gold

I am always surprised by how well known John Feinstein is.  Yesterday I had brought along Rush for the Gold, Feinstein's newest book to be released in May to our library meeting. This is another installment in his kids sports mystery series.  A few of my librarian friends who do not appear to be overly athletic or into sports commented on how they enjoyed his adult books.  While I enjoy his books, I was very much unaware of how many different types of people enjoy his work.
Rush for the Gold is my latest Amazon Vine acquisition.  I have always enjoyed reading about Stevie and Susan Carol at the various sporting events they are able to attend. Not only are their mysteries suspenseful, but Feinstein includes a lot of information about the sport his book features and the different athletes and rules within that sport.
The London Olympic games are just 84 days away, so it is no surprise that this latest book features Susan and Stevie at the London games.  While Stevie is reporting as usual, Susan Carol is competing in the games as a swimmer.  She has grown taller and gained weight in the past year and her swimming career has really taken off.  The sudden fame is a lot to contend with and even Susan Carol's dad is a bit overwhelmed by the idea of millions of dollars in his daughter's future.
In typical fashion, there is more going on than just the games.  Stevie begins to wonder if someone is trying to rig who is winning the gold medal in swimming events. Of course he and Susan Carol begin sleuthing around to try and solve the mystery on their own.
Although this is part of a series, it could certainly stand on its own.  There are references to Susan Carol and Stevie's experience at Wimbledon in a prior mystery, and I was happy I had already read that title. However, even if I had not read any of these books by Feinstein, I would have very much enjoyed this one.
Rush for the Gold was a fast read, a good installment to this series, and has me counting down for London myself.

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