Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've Got Your Number

Sophie Kinsella is an author I always enjoy. Yes, I know her novels are fun and mindless. But sometimes that's OK with me.  Her Shopaholic series is one of my favorites.  This newest book is a stand-alone novel.  I've Got Your Number is a story that made me chuckle.  Poppy is engaged to be married to Magnus, a brilliant writer.  In fact his entire family is brilliant.  She has been given an heirloom engagement ring and loses it through a comical sequence of events.  However, there is nothing comical about losing this ring and Poppy works hard to try and resolve this issue without Magnus' knowledge.  To compound the problem, Poppy's cell phone gets stolen as well. Poppy isn't sure she can function without her cell phone, but in a stroke of good fortune she sees a phone thrown in a rubbish bin that she picks out and begins to use.  There begins her relationship with Sam Roxton, whose company owns the cell phone Poppy comes across.  Poppy can't help reading Sam's emails - or responding to them.  Sam isn't appreciative of all of Poppy's help at first, but she does actually lend a hand in a few situations and Sam tries to help Poppy resolve her missing ring issue and evaluate her relationship with Magnus.
At first I felt as though Poppy was a bit too much like Becky Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series. And while she does have some very Becky-ish characteristics, she is truly a unique character. Kinsella's formula of creating a story that can entertain by providing humorous yet real characters is well-honed.  The ending wasn't a surprise, but that worked well in this book.  Very fast and fun, I've Got Your Number is another entertaining installment frm Kinsella.

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I've had this one on my Kindle for a bit. Need to get to it. Sounds like a fun weekend read.