Thursday, April 5, 2012


Lately I have been enjoying sweet potatoes. I say this with incredulity because as a child I avoided them at all costs. My mom and her sister would happily eat them during holiday get togethers, but my sister and I would nearly gag at the mention of them.

Lately I have been a little more adventurous in my cooking along with my goal of finding some different recipes for my family that are healthy.

The first recipe I tried was one that Janssen posted on her blog for Sweet Potato Foil Taco Packets that she found here. This one was such a winner that I actually would prefer to have tacos made with sweet potatoes every time I eat them. I enjoyed it so much that I served these for my daughters' family birthday party. And, my sister-in-law and brother (two non-sweet potato eaters) enjoyed them - or they at least told me they did.

Then, I found a great recipe for sweet potato burgers on pinterest. I will admit that part of the appeal is the avocado it's topped with.

Most recently, Janssen has come through yet again with a recipe for Vegetarian Black Bean and Sweet Potato soup. Most excellent.

I'm loving sweet potatoes so much that I am in the market for a few more go-to sweet potato recipes. What other things should I be making with my new favorite food?

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