Thursday, April 19, 2012

Running and Reading

Before I had children I was not a runner. This is always news to some of my friends that I have made after having kids. They have always thought of me as a runner - although if they ever saw me run, it would be easier for them to think of me as a non-runner. I am not fast, but I am consistent and can go for a long time. Most runners, at least the ones I know, enjoy running outside. I especially hear that as we have warm weather after a winter of snow. Not me. I love running on the treadmill. I know it is technically harder to run outside (my college professor would be proud that I still remember the formula for work. Since actual distance is not displaced on a treadmill, you are therefore doing less work. Therefore your work out is easier. That does not account for the mental aspect of treadmill running), but I love the time spent on the treadmill. Part of that is because I can read and run at the same time. I often feel like I will never get my TBR stack under control. That means that I don't watch much TV. I have put knitting projects on hold for years. I read at every possible moment. One of those moments is while I'm running. Four years ago we bought a new treadmill. While I did care about how the new treadmill "felt," what concerned me more was the lack of a book rack. My husband became very frustrated with the criteria for a new treadmill including the type of book rack it came with. We discussed/argued about this for a while. I just would not back down. I knew that if there was no book rack, I would not run. The salesperson knew that this was a big deal to me and found a portable book rack that I can use on this treadmill and any other. I have been taking it with me to the gym to use as I run there. I know that the college kids who work out at the gym probably wonder why I'm not reading something on an iPad, or an iPhone or a Kindle. However, there is also a mental aspect to my book reading while running. I like a book that takes a few minutes to read before I have to turn a page. That makes the time go faster. I like how the book covers up the screen that displays the time elapsed. Then I can be surprised when I finally lift up the book. I like getting to read a great book while doing something that I would normally find not so fun and how that activity is now something I look forward to.

Not every book rack will work on the treadmill. A book rack that will work to hold books is different than one that you can use to read a magazine. If you are interested in getting yourself a book rack, you will need to make sure there is a lip on it in order to hold your book open.

This trivial little invention has yielded many hours of pleasure. Who knew I would have so much to say on the topic of book racks?

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Anonymous said...

I used to have this exact rack until it got so yellowed and old. It went by the wayside when we moved last year. Have not gotten another as I'm not finding it difficult to focus on the page when walking on treadmill (I don't run). My head seems to bounce up and down. I do better with my Kindle, but even better with audio books. I'm always amazed when you say you ran 10 miles or something. You go, girl! LOL