Friday, March 9, 2012

Not In the Mood

It has been noted that I have been absent from blogging these past few days. I can assure you I will be back. Over the past five years this is the biggest reading slump I have encountered, much of it due to my job situation. Someday I will be able to fill everyone in on what is going on, but it has been disheartening as well as consuming my thoughts lately.

I am reading, but slowly. I still have two books to review that have been done for a while. I have also spent several sleepless nights in a row pondering things which has caused me to skip my morning workout routine. I hate when that happens since it means I have missed the quiet time of my day when I can read and catch up on email and get ready for the day ahead.

Next week is spring break - much needed! The weather here looks to be lovely and I am planning on running outside and doing some spring cleaning. I have a trip to The Mall of America planned with my daughters and a co-worker and her girls. The American Girl store and Rainforest Cafe are a few highlights my children are anxious for. Me? I am looking forward to IKEA.
Hopefully I can get some reading done. I have so many great looking books on my TBR stack and I am sad that I can't focus enough to really enjoy them.

So that's what's up with me. As soon as I can share more, I will. Any moment I feel like spending some time reading and blogging, that's what I'll do. Otherwise, I will be running outside, cleaning my house, and watching season two of Downton Abbey.


Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

I went to IKEA for the first time this week- the Hubs and I went there to celebrate his birthday... but mostly to shop. The closest one is two hours away, but already we don't know how we've survived this long without it! I actually really like the Rainforest Cafe too. ;)

Katie DeKoster said...

Oh Tina, I hope things get better soon! Have so much fun at the Mall of America - IKEA is always a good distraction :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like your spring break is coming at a good time. Hope things get better for you soon. Hugs!

Kay said...

I've been thinking about you and all the turmoil that you've been reporting. Hope this can be a refreshing week with lots of fun for you and for your girls. Share what you can and know that we are sending support across the blog waves. :-)