Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Salon

Today is a windy, sunny winter day. I have tons of laundry to fold and lots of housework to catch up on. There has been progress on this front, but not enough to make me think that this coming week won't destroy what little advances have been made.
The work situation is still stressful. And to add to that, we just found out that my oldest daughter's best friend will be moving at the end of the school year. This might not seem like a big deal, but both my husband and I don't have any experience in losing a best friend, nor have we ever moved while we were growing up. I have always been thankful that these two girls had each other. They are truly a unique pair. While the other girls in their class are nice, and luckily all the teachers have even exclaimed over the lack of cliques at their grade level, L and E are just a bit different than the rest of the girls in their grade. They are academically ahead of the rest, and their relationship causes them to push each other to do better and more. A playdate for them might consist of sitting in my daughter's bedroom and reading comic books together. They just get each other. I don't know if a fourth grade friendship can endure through the years, but I am hoping that in some capacity it can. I am excited for the new adventures E and her family will have. But I am devastated for my daughter who may face some very lonely days as she tries to find some new old friends to hang out with (easier said than done when there are only 16 girls in her entire grade). Any advice on this front?
I have started tracking my calories on my new phone. I didn't do a good job of this during the weekend, but think I stuck well within my daily allotment. I'll be ready for school tomorrow and getting back to logging everything that goes in my mouth.

I will be starting the ABNA process tonight. Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award needed readers and I have the opportunity to be a part of this process. Very excited to get to work.

This coming week we have conferences at school. Should be a great chance to get some work done.

And reading? Well, I would love to tell you that I have tons of books that I've read just waiting to be reviewed, but that is not the case. I am still plodding along in a few different books, but have been easily distracted- first by work stress and now by my daughter's friend moving. I haven't given up reading, but it is slow going. I am finding it much easier to stick to middle grade or YA novels and get through them.

My oldest daughter has a big project - a poster about Massachusetts- due this week at school There are a few things she needs to fix and a lot of finishing up that needs to get done. That's what we'll be working on tonight.

How about you? How's your week shaping up?

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