Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Salon

Is it wrong to be looking forward to the Super Bowl so I can have some uninterrupted reading time? No one in our house is all that excited for today's game since we are a bunch of Packer fans, although I do have a group of girls who are anxious to watch the commercials during the game.

Before then my oldest daughter is at the mall with my in-laws, my middle daughter has a birthday party, and my youngest daughter is waiting for my oldest daughter to get home at which point she will get to go to her grandma's house.

I have a lot of clothes sitting in piles in my bedroom and my husband has mountains of laundry he has been accumulating. That is what I should tackle next, despite the fact that I would rather just hang out and read.

I did take the girls to the library yesterday and picked up a large bag of books to read. However, I have noticed that lately I have not been getting many ARCs sent my way. I still keep signing up for them on Shelf Awareness, but since December I have only had two things arrive in my mail box. Not complaining because I certainly have plenty on my TBR stacks, but curious as to why the change. Another friend noted the same thing, so I don't feel entirely alone in this.

This week looks fairly normal and busy. I do have one late night on Wednesday, but the weather is holding at slightly above normal for February and life is good.

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