Friday, February 17, 2012

Strength in What Remains

Deo, from the country of Burundi, has lived a life full of hardship, surviving the genocide in his country. His story is remarkable, as Kidder traces Deo's life from it's beginning to his eventual arrival in America. Once in America Deo struggles to find a way to eke out his existence, still finding sleep elusive as he dreams of the nightmare he has survived.

Deo's story is remarkable and inspirational. Many times he could have given up yet her pursues his dream of an education. There were people along the way who helped him, opening their homes and wallets to give him a chance. Deo seizes the opportunities he has been given, attending college and eventually medical school.

This book is one that everyone should read because there is much to take away from Deo's story. While Deo struggled daily to survive, I was participating in college life, unaware that around the globe so much tragedy was occurring. Reading his account of what he endured brings to light how important it is to be aware of world events, and ready to help those struggling as newcomers in our country. Deo's first job was as a grocery deliveryman, and his boss wrote him off as someone without any real prospect simply because Deo couldn't speak English. Seeing all Deo has achieved now, it is impossible to imagine him being written off. Although Deo's story is miraculous, it is not unique. There are thousands of refugees (maybe millions) who are looking for a chance to begin again. Seeing how Deo has accomplished so much, it should be easy to off support for others like him. I am hopeful Kidder's book will give voice to an important concept and that by featuring Deo, he has provided a human face to this issue.

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Katie DeKoster said...

You read such an awesome variety of books! Strength in What Remains sounds phenomenal - I can't fathom what life must be like for the millions of people like Deo. Thanks for sharing!