Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Obamas

Jodi Kantor's book, The Obamas, has been met with a bit of publicity -a normal occurence when you are writing about the current president and his family. As far as First Families go, I find it hard to resist any book about a First Family. Life in the White House fascinates me.

The Obamas is about more than just life in the White House, but it does touch on that, as well as the transition from life in Chicago to being in the public eye constantly. Kantor addresses some of the criticism both Barack and Michelle have endured. While I doubt this book will change anyone's mind about what they think of the Obamas, it does present criticism and praise where both are due.

By book's end Kantor shares the way in which the Obamas have changed and come to terms with their public lives. Anyone who enjoys presidential biographies, First Families, or reliving recent events in history will appreciate Kantor's book.

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