Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crafty Chloe

I love, love, love Crafty Chloe by Kelly DiPucchio. This one showed up in my mailbox yesterday and was quickly read and re-read and read again at bedtime.
Of course, having a Chloe in my house makes it an instant must read. But I also have some crafty girls. DiPucchio hit the nail on the head, declaring Crafty Chloe to lack interest in sports. My girls are much like that as well, but when it comes to creating something - whether it be from fabric, markers, or toothpicks they are all over it.

Chloe enjoys creating things and is good at it. When she must come up with a birthday gift for a friend and can't find the perfect present at the store (or when a friend has already chosen the perfect give to give), she decides to make a gift herself. Her creation is a hit, of course.

Crafty Chloe has her own website - still under construction- that will include different arts and crafts ideas from the book. This is a great girly book for those who love Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy.

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Katie DeKoster said...

This sounds adorable! I love that she has her own site full of crafty ideas. Have you read that 2012 is the year of the "Chloe" books?