Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When Life Gives You OJ

I am totally in love with Erica Perl's book When Life Gives You O.J. Zelly wants a dog - badly. She and her family have moved from Brooklyn to Burlington, Vermont, to be with her grandfather after his wife (Zelly's grandma) died. Ace, her grandfather, comes up with a plan of sorts. He gives Zelly an orange juice jug that she will care for as if it were a pet- walking it three times a day, feeding it, cleaning up after it. This will show her parents that she is responsible, and although it won't guarantee a dog of her own, it might make her parents take notice.
As you can imagine, walking a plastic jug around town is a bit embarrassing, and Zelly doesn't want to be made fun of. She is also getting used to life in a small town. When she meets Jeremy, another Jewish kid, Zelly begins to realize there may be other people just like her that live near her after all.
As I was reading last night, my ten year old asked about this book. I told her a bit about it, and am so glad that I can pass it on to her.
To learn more about this fabulous author and her work, visit ericaperl.com


Katie DeKoster said...

I looked at the cover before reading your review and thought, "Uh... is that dog a milk jug?" Close enough :) This sounds like a sweet story - perfect for my 9-year-old niece who is desperate for a dog!

Suey said...

That looks very cute! Ah, I miss the days of fun pictures books around here...