Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Salon

I am happily enjoying my three day weekend - there is no school tomorrow in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. I have been sucked in - along with millions of other people - to watching Downton Abbey. Considering I rarely watch television, I have already exceeded my monthly viewing average in just the past two days. Unfortunately, I have a lot of library books due on Monday or Tuesday and several of them I am not going to get to. I will be jotting down the titles today in hopes that in some future time I will once again check them out and then attempt to read them.

We are finally feeling like winter here, having had snow on Thursday. My girls finally were able to play outside in the snow for a while and enjoyed doing this again last night with their cousins. Today they are planning on finishing the fort they were constructing at my parents' house.

For lunch I tried a new recipe compliments of Janssen at Everyday Reading. Spaghetti Pie was a hit with two of my three daughters. (My middle daughter dislikes anything at all on her noodles, so this was not a great recipe for her, although she did eat some).

This weekend has been blissfully unhurried. Even though I did run errands yesterday and we had church today, there are no other commitments (my husband would disagree. The Packers game at 3 PM is calling his name).

I'm off to curl up with a good book and enjoy this sunny winter day.


Suey said...

I'm trying to get my husband to join me in the Downton Abbey craze. I want to re-watch the whole first season with him to catch him up! So far, he just looks at me like I'm crazy.

Katie DeKoster said...

Oh for goodness sakes. What is up with all of the hype around Downton Abbey?? I think I need to watch it... or you could write a show review :)