Monday, January 16, 2012

Friends Like Us

I was already reading Lauren Fox's Friends Like Us before I realized I had read her previous novel, Still Life With Husband.

As this novel Willa runs into her best friend and roommate Jane one day, meeting her infant son for the first time and confronting their parting of ways for the first time. The reason the two are no longer friends isn't revealed, rather the entire novel is then Willa's story, remembering their friendship from its beginning.

The two met in college and now live together. Both are struggling in their careers - Willa as an artist and Jane as a writer. Both also happen to be single, but looking. When Willa reconnects with her best friend from high school, a now handsome Ben, he begins hanging out at her apartment. He also reveals the huge crush he had on Willa. The two briefly contemplate a relationship, but shortly after this he and Jane begin seriously dating.

Writing too much will reveal what truly comes between this friendship, and although the reason will not surprise you, Fox's novel is so well written it shouldn't be missed. Willa and Jane's witty dialogue made me smile a time or two, and although different in subtle ways, Friends Like Us is reminiscent of Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed, another novel I loved.


Katie DeKoster said...

Yes! The whole time I was reading your review I was thinking, this sounds just like Something Borrowed. I still need to see that movie!

Anne Bennett said...

You asked about the book Crashing Through about the blind man who received his sight after an operation. I think what most of us reacted to was that the man, Mike May, wasn't a very nice person and we couldn't relate to him or his issues that weren't related to his vision. What we did find fascinating was all of the information about vision and what happens in our brains as children that allows us to recognize faces especially. I want the Psychology teacher at my high school to read the book because I think she'll be able to use that information in her classes. Unfortunately I have a hard time recommending the book to others generally because of the other reason.

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