Sunday, December 25, 2011

Under the Tree

Merry Christmas! Now that my children have all unwrapped their gifts and I no longer have to worry about surprising them, I can share the titles that made the gift list this year.

Each girl receives a Christmas book every year, and these are the three that I chose for this year. I loved The Carpenter's Gift when I read it to my students at school and I can't wait for bedtime tonight when we can read the others as well.

In previous years more books have been given than this year, but there were some bookish things given - the first five Harry Potter movies on DVD for us all to enjoy as we make our way through the books - and a DVD of The Help for me.

My youngest daughter received two more books to add to her collection:

I know we will visit a book store over break at some point, and hope to add something to my own collection then. Already I am excited about the titles I see coming out in January and Spring 2012 - certainly not a shortage of great books to look forward to!


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Anna said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Peaceful Reader said...

I have several of these on order. The Carpenter's Gift I already have at school and think it is a beautiful story.