Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Had it not been for the debacle surrounding Lauren Myracle's Shine being accidentally nominated, then un-nominated for an award, I probably wouldn't have picked up this book to read. So, despite the fact that Shine really wasn't nominated for an award, the press surrounding this event didn't necessarily result in something bad for Myracle. I am guessing there are many readers like myself who were intrigued enough to look into reading this book.

My one other experience with Myracle's work was Peace, Love and Baby Ducks which I absolutely loved. While Shine is an entirely differen type of novel than Peace, Love and Baby Ducks, the quality of writing is just as good. Set in a poor mountain town, Cat is trying to determine who hurt her childhood friend, Patrick. Patrick is in a coma, beaten and left for dead because he is gay. As she snoops around reconstructing the events of that evening there is a lot Cat learns that she hadn't bargained for. Although she is well aware of her poor, mountain upbringing and the meth addiction that many in her town have faced, until she begins asking questions, Cat had no idea of how prevalent this problem was and how many of her friends are also involved in drug use.

I had my suspicions about the real culprit in Patrick's beating, and was happy to see that for once I was right on target. Myracle has crafted a novel full of twists and turns that will keep readers trying to determine what really happened the night Patrick was left for dead.

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Lisa said...

I just picked this up at the library specifically because of the non-nomination. I'm glad to hear it's good, because I didn't even read the summary!