Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love Comes Softly

Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke, a title I wrote about for my Throwback Thursday posts a while back (and yes, I have been negligent in my Throwback Thursday theme.....perhaps after the holidays it will return to a weekly occurance). Although I rarely re-read this is one series I loved as a child and wanted to read again. In fact, I have probably been planning to re-read them for the last decade.

Even as a child I remember reading the little blurb on the back "....this book will charm readers from eight to eighty." Well, that was enough to encourage me to read about Clark and Marty, so I pulled out Love Comes Softly and began reading to my oldest daughter before bed. My middle daughter is content with me reading Harry Potter to her, and my youngest daughter still needs a few picture books read to her each night. Sometimes my oldest child has balked at me reading to her but I am finding that she is enjoying having her own more grown up book that we share. Of course, my middle child is busy trying to eavesdrop on the whole event, but we have managed to make reading aloud an individual thing for each child lately. (I do like reading to them all together, too, and I am sure we will again, but this has been a nice switch for a bit).

Last night I read the last 20+ pages finishing where Marty finally lets Clark know that she loves him. There is nothing inappropriate in this book, and it was fun to read this title together. All my girls have loved the Little House on the Prairie series, so a pioneer story is right up their alley. Now tonight I have found Love's Enduring Promise, the second novel in this series. I didn't re-read this one as often so I am looking forward to beginning this one tonight.

Now, if only my nightly read-alouds didn't take over an hour each night!

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