Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Customer Dissatisfaction

Mostly I like ordering online. It is convenient. Things are delivered right to my doorstep. Until this year. I have had more problems this year with online ordering than ever before.
The first problem occurred when a packaged I ordered from Amazon was at my local post office. I anticipated the delivery the next day and looked for the box when I returned from work. The box was not there. Lucky me. I can track my package online. The package that was just a few miles from my home was sent to Kansas City. I was happy that this happened on the 15th, with ten days until Christmas for this to be resolved. Each day I checked to see where this package was. The trouble was, until this morning it didn't get scanned again and has apparently been hanging out in Kansas City. I was annoyed. And irritated. But I got over it.
The second problem, which I am more upset about, is that a package I ordered for my children was dropped off at my doorstep today. When my husband returned at lunch, the contents were strewn around our yard, eaten up by our dog. It is our dog that did this, so perhaps it is our fault. But, I am still mad. Why did the Fed Ex delivery man just drop this off at our door (and yes, I did call them and was told that this is common practice)? Was it really taped shut? Because I have received many things over time that are partially opened. I have a hard time believing it was taped up tightly. When I called Justice they told me to call Fed Ex. Fed Ex told me to call Justice. Meanwhile I am out $80 and gifs for 2 of the 3 girls. The middle daughter's gift was sent seperately and will arrive tomorrow. Since all three children wanted them I am not sure how to give one child this gift and not the other two. I would happily get them replacements, but they are out of stock.
Although many may blame my dog, I think both companies are also at fault. Neither seem to care if the ordered item actually was received by me. All they want is the money I spent. They can happily blame the other company involved and I am left with nothing.
Bah humbug!

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