Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did I Say I Was Back on Schedule?

Clearly I am confused. On Sunday I wrote that I would be back to my regular blogging/reviewing schedule. I am so close to finishing Gabrielle Zevin's new book - loving it- that I will finish tonight unless I happen to fall asleep (again) while reading. This evening I spent my time at the public library getting ready for a fundraiser put on by the Friends of the Library committee. The other excitement at my house is Little Sister's new glasses. She was referred on after a screening at school, and does need glasses. Apparently she is developing a lazy eye (I am taking my husband's word for it since he is the one who took her to the appointment), and we are hopeful that glasses will correct the problem. The possibility of needing an eye patch for a while is still there, too, so we shall just have to see. Glasses or not, she's awfully cute!


Jinky said...

Very cute indeed!! Beautiful girl, beautiful smile!!!

Kate said...

S adorable!!! I love the glasses!