Thursday, October 6, 2011

Throwback Thursday

I have long been a fan of Mary Downing Hahn's work, especially her historical fiction. However, back in sixth grade my friend Stephanie let me borrow a book she had checked out from the library (yes, I know....something I tell my kids never to do - loan a library book out to someone else while it's checked out to you!). Daphne's Book by Hahn was so fabulous I continued to think of it for some time.

Jessica is paired with Daphne, the weird girl in the class, for a writing assignment. Of course she doesn't like her partner, but does realize Daphne is talented. The two strike up a friendship, and then Jessica begins to realize what Daphne's home life is like.

My school library's copy of this one is old and nearly ruined, but I would love to read this one with my own girls. This is another example of one of those books that gave me a good idea what the difference was between an average book and an extraordinary book.


Kay said...

I loved reading DAPHNE'S BOOK! This is one of the books that the librarian at my daughter's elementary school ran to shelf and shoved into my hands. I volunteered for her each week and she suggested so many wonderful books to me. I need to reread this one. I still think that WAIT UNTIL HELEN COMES is one of the spookiest books I've ever read. Have you read it? Same author.

JessiKay89 said...

I'm gonna have to check this one out. I love finding older, lesser known books that are just as good.