Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Salon

Last night my husband and I attended a Halloween party. We are not really dress-up people. My husband enjoys it more than I do, and there were numerous discussions about what type of costume I would wear. On Friday I saw an on-line article about our local theater renting out costumes. Over lunch I paid them a visit and found a wonderful selection of costumes. I was very happy with our Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy outfits, even though I decided not to do face paint (we had church today and I just didn't want to have to work at getting it off).
Tomorrow is trick or treating in our town and the girls are very excited for it. I'll have to post a picture with this year's costumes. I didn't do very much reading this weekend. I have started a few books and just wasn't in the mood. I am glad this doesn't happen very often to me, because I hate being in a reading funk. I may give these titles another try at some point, because I am really blaming it on myself and not the books. While adult novels have been a hard sell, I have read and enjoyed several tween novels. I am thinking this is a good thing, and eventually I'll find an adult book that clicks.
I tried to purchase Tom Brokaw's new book while at Sam's yesterday, only to be told by the cashier that it wasn't supposed to have been displayed yet and they were unable to sell it to me. I'm sure I'll read it at some point, and I did save $16.

I am so glad that this week there is no after school tutoring for me to teach. The kids and teachers are excited for a break. November is just around the corner, something I find amazing!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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