Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Salon

This weekend is gorgeous here in Iowa. Yesterday it was in the upper 80s and today should be more of the same. It is too bad that I went through the girls' clothes last weekend since most of the summer stuff is no longer out.

Once again the weekend is flying by. Yesterday I attended a thirty-one party that a friend threw. They have such cute stuff! I bought two things and my oldest daughter would now like us to throw a party since there is a little kickback/incentive and we could get a few more things of our own. We'll see. I really hate parties like that because it seems like if you attend you have to spend money, but I also have done my fair share of going to those parties for friends and spending money.

Our main fiasco of the week began last Saturday when we purchased a couch for our basement. We sold the last one in our garage sale a few weeks ago, so right now there is just an oversized recliner down there. We all went looking last weekend and found one we liked that was in our price range. The furniture store brought it on Monday and met my husband - who took time off from work- to put it in the basement. Late in the morning on Monday I received a phone call from my husband telling me that the couch didn't fit. They had to take it back. I was waiting for him to tell me he was kidding at the end of the conversation, but he didn't. And when the store called me to get my credit card number so they could credit it, I knew it was true. In the grand scheme of things, I know it is just a couch, but it was disappointing. I have been shopping two more times and did buy a different couch yesterday. It seems we have some length issues, so this one is 12 inches shorter than the last, and our door is narrow - 32". This couch- with legs removed- is 27". It is not my dream couch. But, I have children who may destroy it and we had to find one that would fit. Now it should be dropped off on Wednesday. And this time when I get home from work there should be a couch in my basement, not three disappointed children and an irritated husband.

This week looks busy, of course. I am teaching Sunday School this morning, need to work at school, and then want to take the girls to see The Smurfs at the local dollar theater. Last night some friends in our neighborhood had a bonfire, so it was a late night at our house and not a night of rest like I thought it would be. I'm not complaining, because we had a great time, but there seems to always be too much to do.

What about you? What's up for your week?

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