Monday, October 3, 2011

Ho-Hum Harry

I had almost finished my post about reading Harry Potter aloud to my girls, detailing what I perceived to be a lack of interest on their part, when to my amazement, as we finished The Sorcerer's Stone last night, the girls appeared to be enjoying this book more than I thought. It is true, my oldest daughter does not really like the fantasy genre. She also doesn't like suspense. But, she did agree that we can read the second book, as did my middle daughter. I have not seen any of the movies, and told them that after we read this book we could watch the first movie. I don't think reading all the Harry Potter books is a prerequisite to being well read, but I did want them to at least give it a chance.

A few years ago I tried reading Harry Potter to them, and we gave it up, which I blamed on them not being quite old enough. I do have friends who tell me how their children love, love, love the Harry Potter books. I also always thought that someday I would read them all to my kids. That may not be the case. We do spend a lot of time reading, and I do try and read a variety of literature to them- things they may not pick on their own. But, I have no intention of forcing them to listen to all seven Potter books if they really don't want to.

It just goes to show, that not every book is for every kid. Even something as wonderful as Harry Potter may not be interesting to some readers. Tonight we will begin a new read aloud. I am taking home several selections from school to give them some choice in the matter, which usually helps get them a bit more interested.

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Peaceful Reader said...

I've heard both her books were well-written. I'll have to pick the first one up from the library one day.

It sounds like it might be a depressing read though-one I have to be in the mood.