Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The End of Molasses Classes

Ron Clark, author of The Essential 55, founder of the Ron Clark Academy has written a new book, The End of Molasses Classes, providing 101 tips for parents and educators on how to engage students.

I really enjoyed The Essential 55 and could appreciate all Clark had to say. This also is true of Molasses Classes. Clark's advice and suggestions are not exceptionally amazing. They are for the mostpart, common sense. And yet, I found myself wanting to take notes as I read. Almost every one of the 101 points he makes I could see myself nodding at. Yes, vocabulary is important. Yes, I believe in high expectations. Yes, travel is a wonderful way to educate children about the world. There were also several points I felt were especially important for parents to read and understand. Reading Clark's book gave me some good ideas, but his passion for education and teaching is infectious. I am sure that teachers line up to visit his academy and also to work in this unique and amazing school.

Of course as an educator I am drawn to books like Clark's, but I will recommending it to my friends as well as my colleagues and adminstrators.

This book was read on my kindle.

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