Friday, September 30, 2011

A Year Without Autumn

A Year Without Autumn is my first experience with Liz Kessler's work; I am in awe! A Year Without Autumn should be a novel receiving some Newbery buzz, and while I was reading I had visions of Rebecca Stead's When You Reach Me.
Jenni Green and her family are on a family vacation at their time share. This is a dream come true since Jenni will be spending the week with her best friend in the world, Autumn. However, the trip does not turn out as planned because when Jenni takes an old elevator she finds herself in the future. And what she realizes about life -particularly hers and Autumn's- is that there have been vast changes. And they aren't all good.

Despite not loving the fantasy genre, I absolutely loved this book, and have told my ten year old this is a must read. Just as with When You Reach Me, I don't even know how to adequately summarize this story without giving too much away, and truly, this is a book worth reading to find out for yourself how good it is.

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Julie said...

This sounds very good. I'm going to check it out.