Thursday, September 8, 2011

Throwback Thursday

Lila Perl is well known (at least to me) for her Fat Glenda books. I loved those books during my tween years. However, back in fourth grade I read a book by Lila Perl, and never even realized who the author was until recently when I began hunting around for an image of this book. That Crazy April by Lila Perl was my go-to book of fourth grade. My teacher had a very worn paperback copy in our classroom library and despite the unattractive cover, I decided to give it a try. I read this book and re-read and it and re-read it. It has been a few decades since I've returned to this title, and I can't remember the main character's name, but I do remember a few highlights: a best friend named Monique who was more glamourous than the main character and hard to live up to, being a part of a bridal show at a mall, an older cousin named Xandra, a mom who was into women's lib, some struggles with growing up. I have thought about re-reading this one as an adult just to see if it lives up to my childhood remembrances. Because I actually have a copy of this title. In fact, I did something horribly awful as a child. I took the book from our classroom library. Not cool. And I hate when kids do that to me. But....I will at least say that That Crazy April did go to a good book loving home where it has been treated well.

Did anyone else read this book as a child? What books do you remember from growing up? Taking a book from a classroom library - please tell me I'm not the only bookworm who did such a thing!

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