Thursday, August 18, 2011

Throwback Thursday

The World of Lady Jane Grey by Gladys Malvern is one title that my aunt recommended to my mom for me to read. I was constantly needing someone to give me ideas of what to read next because I read a lot and was always running out of books. I'm not sure when my aunt read this...probably sometime in her tween/teen years, but my mother had our library interlibrary loan it for us. I absolutely loved it!

Lady Jane Grey's story is not one I was familiar with. She was the grand niece of Henry VIII. Although she was not next in line to the throne, when Edward VI died, Lady Jane Grey was illegally pronounced queen. She managed to keep the title for nine days, and was eventually killed because of it.

I am fascinated by today's British royal family, and while I don't have as much interest in the history of this family, I found Lady Jane Grey's story totally absorbing. This book is out of print, and when I read it as a child the copy was already old and worn. Amazon does have used copies on sale, but for nearly $40. Perhaps as my girls get older I will want to read this to them, but for now I will just have to rely on my memories of this wonderful story.

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Josette said...

What an intriguing story! I've heard of Lady Jane Grey before but never knew more about her. It's a pity that this book is out of print.