Monday, August 15, 2011

Double Digits

It's hard to believe, but ten years ago today my oldest daughter was born, changing our lives forever. Although today is her birthday, she has already received her present from us: a nook. Her sisters have one little gift to give her this morning. I have to work, but she will be spending the day with her cousins and my sister-in-law who is watching my children. They have a special lunch planned and friendship bracelet making to take place. Tonight we will eat at restaurant of her choice.

It seems incredible that ten years have passed so quickly. In the blink of an eye she has gone from a tiny baby to a toddler to now almost a tween.

Happy Birthday, Leah!


Kate said...

Happy birthday to Leah!!!

JessiKay89 said...

Happy birthday to Leah! She looks so happy with her Nook :)

Jinky said...

Maligayang kaarawan (happy bday in Tagalog) Leah!! Enjoy your Nook.

Peaceful Reader said...

She looks incredibly happy with her Nook! Happy Birthday, Leah.