Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Blast from the Past

August 2001- ten years ago- brought the birth of my oldest daughter. I still found time to read, but everything else was eclipsed by Big Sister's arrival.

Five highlights of this month:

Is it any surprise that I found two parenting books on my list for this month? Seven Up by Janet Evanovitch was the book I brought to the hospital with me to read when I was induced. And I did read it. But I remember almost nothing of that book, and I remember not knowing what it was about immediately after I was done with it. Apparently the emotions of being a new mom made it impossible for me to focus on books. These are only a few highlights- I did manage to read 24 books in August of 2001.

What about you? What were you reading a decade ago? I love to hear what others remember about the books they have read.

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Jana said...

What a cool post idea! I loved all of the Girlfriend's Guides. They were so funny.