Thursday, July 21, 2011

Throwback Thursday

I'm not sure what happened to my copy of Joni by Joni Eareckson, but I remember reading and re-reading this book many times. As I mentioned before, my access to purchasing books was somewhat limited. The general store (a true throwback to an earlier era) had one rounder of Christian books to choose from. Whether this was a gift or something I saved for and bought with my own money, I can no longer remember.

This biography/memoir chronicles Joni's life after she was in a serious diving accident in her teen-age years. Paralyzed, Joni spent months in the hospital and had to learn how to do things for herself without being able to use her arms or legs. While this accident greatly changed to course of Eareckson's life, Joni went on to become a motivational speaker and someone with a great faith in God. Now married, Joni Eareckson Tada is also an advocate for people with disabilities, a famous mouth artist, a radio host and author.

I was amazed by Joni's story each and every time I read this book, but will admit to skimming through some of the book that detailed Joni's time in the hospital. Reading this book made a great impression on me about the dangers of diving in shallow water, something I didn' really need to add to my list of paranoias, and something I still am aware of today.

This book has stuck with me over many years and I am always amazed how God worked in Joni's life. She has been able to reach many people through her own tragedy - more than she could ever have imagined back when this book was published.

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