Thursday, June 23, 2011

Throwback Thursday

As a preteen I was all over the easy, girly series books. I also seemed to pick up a lot of these books from the Scholastic book orders.

The Junior High series, written by Kate Kenyon, chronicled the junior high life and times of Nora and Jen as they discussed various crushes, fights with friends, and attended dances and sleepovers.

I loved these books as a kid. My younger-by-two-years sister was the proud owner of the Junior High series but each month after she had read the latest installment, they were passed on to me. I have re-read a few of them as an adult, and while they wouldn't win any awards for great literature, there is always that nostalgia that outweighs the other aspects that are lacking.

Does anyone else remember this tween series? I know I never read the series in its entirety, and now after looking them up on Amazon, I might have to see which ones are still missing from my collection.

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