Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Throwback Thursday - on a Tuesday

Last week I was in a bit of a blogging rut, and missed my Throwback Thursday post. This week I just happened to finish a read aloud I started a few weeks ago with my girls - a book I read as a child. The Girl With the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts was a book I loved, loved, loved when I was growing up. Katie is almost ten years old, living with her mother for the first time in several years after her grandmother (who was raising her) dies. She and her mother are just getting to know each other again and Katie is struggling -once again- to fit in. Katie knows she is a bit peculiar but can't seem to help it. She is able to move things without touching them, and sometimes forgets about her secret talent. Even when people haven't witnessed Katie's telekinesis, they seem to know something is different about her. When Nathan, her mother's boyfriend brings up the idea that perhaps Katie was affected by the drugs her mother worked with at the pharmaceutical company before Katie was born, Katie begins to wonder herself. Three other women her mother worked with had babies at the same time she was born and now Katie wants to know if there are others like her out there. Only before she can find them, Katie fears she is going to be arrested for a crime she didn't commit.
At first my re-read of this book left me a bit disappointed. I had built this one up a lot in my mind. However, my daughters really liked The Girl With the Silver Eyes, and I will admit that once we were into it, I did, too. These past four nights we have put in some marathon reading sessions, logging 40 pages a night.

Does anyone else remember The Girl With the Silver Eyes? I have read some other books by Roberts and have yet to be disappointed.

And yes, I know this is a Tuesday. We leave for vacation tomorrow, and instead of being smart enough to change the date on my post option, I already clicked publish. Now as I have tried to change the date this will post I am having no luck. ARGH. I'm too tired to work on it any longer, so this week's Throwback Thursday will just have to be enjoyed a few days early.


Ashley said...

!!!! Oh my goodness! Willo Davis Roberts!! I loved her so much as a kid! Seriously! I was pretty much obsessed!

This was one of my favorites. I reread it recently, and although some of that magic you feel when reading it as a kid was gone, I still definitely enjoyed it! It makes me so happy to see this as your Throwback this week! SUCH an old favorite!

Lisa said...

I LOVED this as a child. It's one about a dozen books that I actually remember. I read all the time, literally, and they all blend together. This one I remember. I recently bought a copy at a yardsale for when my kids are old enough.

Lisa said...

PS. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading. You may have noticed.