Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Teacher Thank You

Courtesy of the June/July issue of Family Fun magazine my oldest two girls whipped these cute gifts up for their teachers. Yes, I know school got out a few weeks ago, but I'm always just a little behind. We have managed to take something to their teachers every year during the summer. They have had wonderful teachers who have been kind enough to invite us into their homes for a brief visit while we deliver the gifts. My girls love seeing their teachers during the summer and think it is pretty cool to see their teachers home, too. As a former classroom teacher myself, I have also had a variety of impromptu visits at home from students and always think it is a fun way for students to get to know their teachers better and connect with them.

As far as this little project goes, luckily Grandma was around to help out. While it doesn't look hard, getting everything centered and laying it out and getting the glue on just right was a little more than the girls could do on their own.

In the past we have taken a basket of gently used books to last year's teachers. I knew them well enough to select books for them to read. And we included a Barnes and Noble gift card. The years before that we have bought childrens books for them. I'm always looking for new and creative ideas, so if you have any, please share.

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Sarah said...

Those are really cute! Heck, I'd make one for myself, except a "S" seems too hard, lol. It's a good thing the teacher's initials had straight lines and right angles!