Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Reading for My Girls

Since we were on vacation last week, my older two girls knew enough to pack a few books for our car trip. I am one of the mean moms who doesn't have a DVD player in our van. We did have one once, but it doesn't work anymore and my husband was adamant about not buying another one- which I was in total agreement with. Back in the dark ages when I was growing up, I read books while we were in the car, and we talked and played different games like Twenty Questions. My girls already have DSi's, so it isn't like we don't have any access to technology, but part of going on a trip should be seeing what is going on outside the car window.

Each girl packed a few books to bring along. My oldest daughter's selections:
My middle daughter's selections:

My middle daughter surprised me with her reading and barely looked at the mountains as she read Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie. Sometimes it is hard to find books for her since she doesn't want to read what her big sister has already read. And, our latest read aloud:

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Jana said...

I totally understand your feelings about the DVD in a van. We have one and the reason I let my kids use it is because then they leave me alone so I can read! Kidding-sort of, we still like road games too.