Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursday

It would be just too pathetic for me to miss a second Throwback Thursday, so even though I feel bed calling, I am also feeling the call to blog. Last week's blogger problems made it impossible to access my blog to post, but this week is so late because I had a busy day at school followed by another busy evening- this time attending my youngest daughter's spring program at preschool.

A series of books I loved, loved, loved growing up was the Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. In my mind I was maybe only eight or nine years old when I read the first book. I know my mom ordered it for me from a book order and I tried to read it long before I really could enjoy it without it being work. When I finally did read it, I loved it. Eventually I owned the entire series that continued the story of Marty and Clarke and their children. I'm not sure what happened to the books I owned, but eventually I have re-acquired the whole collection. This is a series that I have on my list to eventually start with my oldest daughter, and I also want to re-read these.

I did a good amount of Christian fiction reading while growing up and these books were the type that my mom could give me without worrying about the content. I loved books like Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder that center around pioneer life. The Love Comes Softly series is a pioneer series that had a lot of appeal simply for that reason.

While Janette Oke has written many, many books, and I have tried reading some of her others, nothing compared to Love Comes Softly for me. Even though these books were published long ago, they have sort of a timeless quality. It's amazing to me that even though I haven't read any of these books in at least twenty five years, the general idea and the characters in these books continue to remain in my mind and give me many happy memories.


Thoughts of Joy said...

I have such warm and tender memories of this series, but I read them in my early 20s. I absolutely loved every book. I do not have the series, but I do want to acquire it.

Chelle said...

I read the 1st book when I was twelve and read through the series in couple year. Then I moved onto the companion series (not sure what else to call it), The Tender Years. I only have a few from the series and keep my eye out at used bookstores for the rest. I still have fond memories of Clark and Marty, too!