Thursday, May 5, 2011

Throwback Thursday

This week I have been digging out some classic picture books (at least classic to me) to share with students. I am always sad that these books rarely get checked out because even though the illustrations are not bright and colorful, I love these books. I read them when I was a child and have read them to my children. When I share them with groups at school, the kids really like these is just a shame that they often go unnoticed.

Bedtime For Frances and A Bargain For Frances by Russel Hoban and Lillian Hoban are the two titles I have been sharing with my second grade groups. We have some good discussions about Frances and her friend, Thelma. We predict outcomes. We talk about what it means to be a friend.

There are a few more Frances books out there that I love. These have been around for many years but shouldn't be forgotten or overlooked.


Karen Greenberg said...

Oh my, I LOVED those books when I was in elementary school! I have noticed that if a teacher or librarian reads books to a group of kids, then offers a special "drawing" for the kids to check out that book, it becomes instantly popular. Maybe that trick would work to get the Frances books circulating again. Thanks for a great memory this morning!

Jana said...

Whenever I read Bread and Jam for Frances I always think I should do a better job with my kid's lunches!

Beth said...

I used to read Jam and Bread for Frances all the time as a kid! I loved it!