Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Salon

For weeks now I have been commiserating about the lack of warm spring weather in our area. Well, today we had a little burst of humidity followed by a tornado watch. I had just taken my oldest daughter to a graduation party for her teacher's daughter when the tornado sirens in town went off. Down we traipsed to the basement. My oldest daughter HATES storms so this almost sent her into a panic. My husband was at home mowing the lawn, but luckily he did come indoors and head downstairs with our two younger daughters. Now the sun has come out again. This is Iowa weather at its best.

Yesterday began with rain showers that cleared off leaving a beautiful warm spring afternoon. Our neighbors had a party last night that we went to for several hours. I tried to make cake balls yesterday that look so disgusting that there is no way I could ever show them to anyone except my family. My middle daughter has eaten a ton and so have I, making me feel rather disgusting.

I ran ten miles today in an attempt to ward off the few thousand extra calories I ingested by eating cakeballs. I also began to read Melissa Fay Greene's No Biking in the House Without a Helmet, a memoir of Green's life adopting five children from various countries as well as raising her four biological children. So far I am loving it.

In the past week I have seen two movies. The first, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules I enjoyed very much. I haven't read a single Diary of a Wimpy Kid book - they just don't appeal to me, but I can see why kids enjoy them. My own daughter can pick one up and read it in one sitting. The second movie was Soul Surfer about Bethany Hamilton's amazing encounter with a shark that resulted in her losing her arm. Her story is so inspiring and the movie was awesome. Unfortunately I only saw about 60% of the movie. My youngest daughter has an extreme aversion to blood. I never really thought about this when I decided to take her with us to the movie. As soon as the shark attacked Bethany my daughter complained she was sick. A few trips to the drinking fountain, pale skin, pasty skin, sweating then becoming clammy, and eventually puking in the trash can outside of the theater was the result of seeing all the blood when Bethany was attacked. My kind husband came and got our daughter, allowing me to stay for the movie with my oldest daughter and her friend she invited. I would happily see this movie again. It had such a good message and wasn't too preachy but still shared some of the Hamilton's faith.

Tomorrow it's back to school where I am busily working on inventory. I'm hoping to get a review of So Much Pretty by Cara Hoffman written tonight since I finished that up this weekend. My oldest two girls are done with school on Tuesday, so it looks like summer is almost ready to begin.

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Peaceful Reader said...

Oh, my, not a fun trip to the movies for you and her. The weather this weekend was pretty amazing and so Iowa.