Thursday, April 21, 2011

Throwback Thursday

In celebration of Easter, my Throwback Thursday selection is a favorite picture book from my childhood. My mom introduced me to this title when I was five or six. I purchased a copy as an adult- a thirtieth anniversary copy- to have for myself. While this is not really an Easter story, it is about an egg.

Fletcher the dog is feeling unloved. Alexandra is enchanted with the new baby chicks that have just been born and Fletcher is feeling left out and unloved. Beaver and Otter want to help their friend and come up with a plan: Fletcher should hatch from an egg. The two friends construct an egg with Fletcher inside. This enormous creation is then placed on the path many people used to go to school. Fletcher listens to everyone talk and guess what type of creature might be in this egg.

Alexandra, for her part, spent the night crying her eyes out, missing her dog Fletcher. When she approaches the school she could care less about the big egg that has everyone's attention. When Fletcher hears poor Alexandra's sobs, he can't contain himself any longer. Fletcher hatches, reunited with Alexandra and leaving the spectators shaking their heads.

I love reading this one to groups of students and sharing my own experiences with this book as a child. I've never asked my sister if she remembers this book, but certainly it was read to us so many times in our childhood I can't imagine it is not a part of her reading biography, too.

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Tammy said...

Thanks so much to reminding me of a great book from my childhood. It was one of my very favorites! I will be buying a copy to share with my daughter ASAP. Thanks for the memories!!