Friday, April 8, 2011

Throwback Thursday

It wasn't until I was getting ready for school this morning that I realized it was Friday - and that I had somehow missed my Throwback Thursday post. I'm not sure how that happened, except that my youngest daughter has been sick all week. Even with the antibiotics we got on Monday night at (In)Convenient Care she seems no better. I have missed a half day of work and so has my husband, with my mom and mother-in-law taking care of her the other days. Today I will be taking her again to the doctor so she can see her regular pediatrician and perhaps decide if this is just viral and needs to run its course, or if we need to try something different.

My Throwback Thursday post is about a book I read, re-read, and read some more - times too many to count. Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume is one of those books that I loved each time I read it. While I have read everything written by Blume this is one of my favorite books by her.

Davey is devastated when her father is killed in a convenience store robbery. She suffers anxiety over this and sleeps with a knife under her pillow. She moves with her mother and younger brother, Jason, to stay with her father's sister, Bitsy, and Bitsy's husband Walter in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Davey makes some new friends, especially Wolf, a young man she meets while hiking With his friendship Davey learns to deal with her feelings of grief and loss, and grow up a little.

It has been fifteen years since the last time I read this book, and I am still able to recall characters names and events as though it were yesterday. Growing up, Blume's writing was something I could count on as understanding the feelings of tweens and young adults. Her writing was influential enough in my childhood that Tiger Eyes will not be the only contribution she makes to my Throwback Thursday posts.

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