Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Read Alouds

This past week at school I have spent reading books about Earth Day to the lower grades. The upper grades are finishing up some different projects and have missed out on these books.

Last Friday I met Marc Brown at a reading conference. His latest book, Arthur Turns Green, is a perfect addition to Earth Day literature. Arthur spends time going through his home finding ways to protect our earth. The classes I read this to taled about different ways Arthur went green: using cloth napkins instead of paper, unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use, and turning off the water while brushing teeth were a few ideas that led to discussion.

Diane De Groat's Gilbert series has long been a favorite of mine. De Groat's books all are centered around a holiday, and her latest, Ants In Your Pants, Worms in Your Plants (Gilbert Goes Green) is another book about Earth Day. Gilbert has to think of a project for school that deals with going green. In true Gilbert fashion he just can't come up with an idea. His friends all know what type of project they are going to do - one uses energy efficient light bulbs, one makes recyclable bags....there are many ideas. Gilbert wants his idea to be unique. Eventually Gilbert does come up with a great plan and teaches his class about composting.

The third book I used this week is 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World by Melanie Walsh. This is a fast book listing ten different things that kids will be able to do to help their world. Picking up trash, sorting recycling, turning off the television all make the list of things that children can do to help out.

I have several other Earth Day selections displayed at school. Most are non-fiction, so I am espeically thankful for the latest offerings by De Groat and Brown who have created great stories using popular characters to teach about helping our environment.

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Peaceful Reader said...

Thanks for the second two...I didn't know about either one but they look great. Hope you enjoyed your day off with Sammy!