Sunday, February 20, 2011


Compared to the other books I've been reading lately, Playdate by Thelma Adams was a completely different type of read. While I would classify Playdate as women's fiction, it has a bit more s*x than the women's fiction I normally read - or perhaps it was the fact that this is how the book opens.

At any rate, while I was initially caught off guard, I did get into Playdate and enjoy it. Set in California with the Santa Ana winds as a backdrop (what is it about those Santa Ana winds? The Neighbors Are Watching by Debra Ginsberg has the same time period), Playdate follows the lives of a few couples over the course of a few weeks. Lance and his wife Darlene are contemplating expanding their family. They have recently moved from Barstow where Lance was a weatherman. Now out of work, Lance is a househusband while Darlene opens up Darlene's Diner with plans to expand. Their daughter Belle is nearing her eleventh birthday, feeling it hard to fit in after their move. The climax builds as the restaurant's opening date nears. The wildfires threaten the community and the adults are busy sleeping around.

While the issues in Playdate are resolved neatly and I did find it enjoyable, this is not a novel I find necessary to recommend to others.

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