Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pay It Forward

Many years ago I read Pay It Forward ( I also saw the movie which rarely happens), the story featuring the concept of doing a kindness to someone else with the instruction that that person should then visit a kindness on another person. What a concept!

My local Christian radio station, 101.9, also promotes this concept by hosting their "Drive Thru Difference" Fridays, days they designate to visit a kindness on others by paying for the person's order behind you in a drive thru. While I have always thought about what a great idea this is, I have never participated myself. Yesterday I stopped at Kwik Star to grab a coffee before heading to work. As I approached the counter to pay, the gentleman in front of me looked back at me and told the clerk that he would be buying my coffee as well. I didn't know this man (unusual in our small town) but I thanked him a few times, feeling almost awkward about his generosity. However, it did put a smile on my face, and helps reaffirm that there are good people out there, something that it seems easy to forget as we hear more about the negative aspects of people.

I have been visited by more kindness than many people can imagine. The kindness extended by this gentleman yesterday helped me recall how many, many people showered us with cards, meals, prayers and gifts while my daughter was undergoing treatment for cancer. We will always be grateful for that support, and could spend our entire lives paying it forward to others. So, as life gets hectic and I run around from place to place, I am also grateful for the free cup of coffee to help remind me to stop and pay some kindness forward. It certainly put a smile on my face one day this week.
How about you? Do you pay it forward? Do you have any unique ideas for doing this?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What a wonderful post. I do try to pay it forward". In winter, I always tip the guy who pumps my gas, telling him to buy himself a hot cup of coffee. Recently I was in a store and the man ahead of me was $1.00+ short trying to purchase a can of brake fluid for his car, so I paid the difference. (I hope if I was in the same situation someone would help me too).

Bailey said...

About a month ago, a gentleman in front of me in line bought my coffee. He was much older than me, so I (wrongly) was afraid he was being forward/creepy. It turns out I think he was just being kind because he bought the coffee then moved on with his day! I really like the concept of random acts of kindness; its something that I need be more mindful of. Great post!