Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mini Shopaholic

At this point I can't even tell you how many books have been published in the Shopaholic series....too many perhaps. Yet, I keep picking them up - entertained by the travails of Becky Blomwood as she seems to never learn from her past mistakes.

In Mini Shopaholic Becky's two year old daughter, Minnie, is beginning to take after her mother's shopaholic ways. She already knows brandnames, and especially enjoys getting what she wants on shopping excursions. While Becky might secretly wonder if Minnie's behavior is out of control, when her husband Luke suggests they consult a professional, Becky becomes worried and sets out to engineer things so that Minnie looks like a little angel. As can be expected, Becky's plans fall through miserably and not only does Minnie look spoiled, but Becky's own shortcomings are glaringly obvious.

While parenting Minnie has revealed a new dimension in this series, Mini Shopaholic sees Becky attempting to throw her husband Luke a surprise party for his birthday - on a budget! Sticking to a budget is not something that comes naturally to Becky, who has extravagant plans, and things quickly get out of control.

As with all the other Shopaholic books, Kinsella ties everything up neatly at the end, while still leaving room for further installments. I enjoyed the laughs this book provided, all the while rolling my eyes at the many poor decisions that Becky makes. Fans of this series won't be disappointed, nor will lovers of chick lit.

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Serena said...

This was not one of my favorites of the series. I think it will be cool to see Minnie as a teen.